Nankang join Formula G & Barrel Sprint for the ultimate 2017 season

In a sport based on time, then it really is no surprise that tyre choice can be critical. Gymkhana races can be hundredths of seconds apart, tyre choice can be the deciding factor between winning and loosing.



As a progressive marketleader in racing rubber, Nankang UK, have identified Gymkhana and Formula G as the perfect discipline to really show the benefits of their product range such its flagship race product the AR-1


The AR-1 is proving to be the lap hunters tyre of choice on track and in 2017 Formula G will be able to provide data that will show its progression on the Gymkhana circuit.


It won’t just be Formula G that picks up the benefit in 2017. The entry and handling Championship of the Barrel Sprint will also be added to the associated relationship with Nankang and allowing the firm to work with drivers who need the best for this rapidly expanding sport.


Nankang will be bringing the podium prize money across both Championships and we will be excited to see who will be getting themselves on the top spot to claim one of the mega cheques